Jonathan Whitt, CEcD
Executive Director
Jonathan has served as the Executive Director of the Region 2000 Technology Council since February of 2003. He works with the Council’s members, representatives from the region’s schools, colleges and universities, and members of local, state, and federal government to assist and champion initiatives that bring value to the Council’s members, the citizens of Region 2000 and the region’s future workforce. In addition to day-to-day management responsibilities, he oversees the Council’s work program that requires attention to four main areas: business networking, advocacy, STEM-based workforce development and support of local tech-entrepreneurs. Jonathan can be reached by phone at (434) 847-1447 ext. 313. You can also connect with him via LinkedIn.

marketing technologistJason Fowler
Marketing Technologist
Jason has served as Marketing Technologist of the Region 2000 Technology Council since the beginning of 2011 managing all the Tech Council’s communications and marketing. A man of many hats, he handles the Tech Council’s Web design/development, graphic design, copy-writing, email campaigns, social media, communications strategy and everything in-between. Jason can be reached by phone at (434) 847-1447 ext. 318. Connect with him via LinkedIn.

Elizabeth Narehood - Future Focus Foundation

Elizabeth Narehood

Future Focus Foundation – Managing Director

Building on the vision of the Technology Council, Elizabeth assists with providing leadership, strategy, fund raising, and direction to the Tech Council’s educational non-profit foundation – the Future Focus Foundation. The Foundation was developed to sustain and expand STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) educational opportunities for youth in grades K-12, both through the public education system and community involvement. The foundation’s programs build a solid platform to ensure that all area youth have knowledge of STEM careers and exposure to the underlying skills necessary for success in these careers. Elizabeth can be reached by phone at (434) 847-1447 ext. 317. Connect with her via LinkedIn.