Applying and Paying for Membership


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Our events and active participation in programs that are shaping the future of the Region, offer our members the greatest
benefit from joining the Council. Members enjoy the following:

  • A Voice in Changing the Future of Our Region
  • Frequent Networking Opportunities
  • Business Promotion and Branding
  • Legislative Representation
  • Inclusion in Online Technology Directory
  • Discounts on any Fee-Based Programs
  • Access to Member-Only Events
  • Educational Resources and Opportunities
  • Executive Level Roundtables
  • Enjoyable Relevant Events
  • Event Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Collaboration with Other Industry Organizations
  • Philanthropy and Volunteerism Opportunities through our Educational Foundation


Membership in the Region 2000 Technology Council is open to businesses, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions.

Membership in the Region 2000 Technology Council consists of Technology Members and Associate Members. Once your organization becomes a member of the R2KTC, member benefits are extended to all of your employees.

Technology Members are broken down into one of two categories.

1) Technology Members:

Technology Members are best understood within three sub-categories. Innovators, Companies or non-profit organizations that help to open up new lines of technological research or advance existing technology (Examples Include: AREVA, B&W, Harris, Fifth-Order Technologies). Producers, produce or sustain technological goods or services (Examples Include: AREVA, Virtual IT, L&R Precision Tooling, AMTI). And Users, who heavily rely on technology to sustain or grow their business operations (Examples Include: Centra, Genworth Financial).

2) Associate Members:

Any company, non-profit organization, or educational institution that provides services to Technology Innovators or Producers (Examples Include: Blair Marketing, LeClair Ryan, Liberty University, Rhodes IP).


Membership in the Region 2000 Technology Council is acknowledged by annual dues:

Technology Members Associate Members
Employees: Fee: Employees: Fee:
1-10 $200 1-10 $300
10-25 $300 10-25 $400
25-75 $400 25-75 $500
75-100 $500 75-100 $600
100+ $600 100+ $700

The Region 2000 Technology Council is a 501c6 Non-Profit Business Organization.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship opportunities are also available to Members as an added benefit to optimizing your investment in the work of the Tech Council. For information on becoming a Corporate Sponsor go to: