TechEDGE Past Award Recipients


Technology Company of the Year – Trax, LLC

Innovator of the Year – Adam Spontarelli

Educator of the Year – Cindy Watson

Entrepreneur of the Year – Tony Erskine


Technology Company of the Year – Blue Ridge Optics

Innovator of the Year – Mike Pop

Educator of the Year – Carolyn Jones

Entrepreneur of the Year – Dustin Slightham


Technology Company of the Year – Shentel

Innovator of the Year – Liberty University School of Aeronautics

Educator of the Year – Mr. Thomas Fox, Liberty High School

Entrepreneurs of the Year – Darryl and Tangie Motley


Technology Company of the Year – Harris Corporation

Innovator of the Year – CMAT Container

Educator of the Year – David Childress, Amherst County Schools

Entrepreneurs of the Year – Mark Sisson and Dennis Hackemeyer


Technology Company of the Year – The Babcock & Wilcox Company

Innovator of the Year – Isabelle Duston

Educator of the Year – Douglass Wickham, Lynchburg City Schools

Entrepreneur of the Year – Allen Leath


Technology Company of the Year – ABS Technology Architects

Innovator of the Year – Team Edison2

Educator of the Year – Marcia Yochum, Virginia Episcopal School


Technology Company of the Year – Sterling Blower Company

Innovator of the Year – CMC Rebar Virginia

Educator of the Year – Jee Schleicher, E.C. Glass High School


Educator of the Year – Kim Hansen, E.C. Glass High School

Mrs. Kim Hansen was chosen for her dedication and leadership to FIRST Robotics Team 600 at E.C. Glass High School where she has coached the team for the past four years.

Innovator of the Year – Robert Hartman

Mr. Robert Hartman was chosen for his innovate approach to the invention of a battery wash station for industrial equipment.

Technology Company of the Year – Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Inc.

AMTI was chosen for their entrepreneurial spirit and success in “product-to-market” services. The company was started by ex-Ericson employees who decided to stay in Lynchburg and hire local talent that felt the same way about the community.

Technology Champion of the Year – Lee Cobb

Mr. Lee Cobb was chosen for his many years of dedicated service in economic development to the communities and companies in Region 2000. Mr. Cobb has been an instrumental player in moving the local focus towards technology-based economic development.


Educator of the Year – Clara Jo Elder, Appomattox County High School

Ms. Clara Jo Elder, teacher at Appomattox County High School was chosen last year for her work as a pioneer in developing the curriculum behind Nuclear Science at Appomattox County High School.

Innovator of the Year – Dr. Tom Morgan

Dr. Tom Morgan, Founder and Director of Central Virginia Governor’s School was chosen for his innovative advancement of technology that has not only benefited students in our Governor’s School but for all K-12 students across Central Virginia.

Technology Company of the Year – TRAX Tech Services

TRAX Tech Services was chosen for their entrepreneurial success, growing from two employees to 16 full-time and 2 part-time employees with customer base growth from one customer to over two hundred in less than three years.


Educator of the Year – Carrie Lewis, R.S. Payne Elementary School

Carrie Lewis was chosen for creating an environment in her class that combines her dedication to the teaching profession, personal commitment to each of her students and proficiency with technology to create a unique educational environment.

Innovator of the Year – Dr. Darrell Staat

Darrell Staat was chosen for his leadership, vision, and innovative thinking have allowed this region to position itself to provide technical training for our 21st century workforce.

Technology Champion of the Year – Bill Guzek

Bill Guzek was chosen for his active involvement in driving several technology-based economic development initiatives in Region 2000, most notably the CAER.

Technology Company of the Year – AREVA

AREVA was chosen for their demonstrable commitment to developing new technologies in the region by supporting numerous workforce related activities that will benefit future generations.


Entrepreneur of the Year – Blue Ridge Test

Blue Ridge Test was chosen for their company’s success in establishing their business over the past year and making great strides in securing a successful future.

Educator of the Year – Jason Clark, Heritage High School

Jason Clark was chosen for his work in building the CST program and helping his students achieve dynamic results in their pursuits of higher education and careers within the technology sector.

Innovator of the Year – Dramco Inc.

Dramco, Inc. was chosen for their unique process of robotic integration, specifically the marriage of robotic manipulation and ultrasonic welding.

Technology Champion of the Year – Dave Burtis

Dave Burtis, Regional Director for Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology was chosen for his tireless and selfless work in assisting local technology start-ups and established companies grow their business.

Technology Company of the Year – Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc.

Catalyst was chosen for their achievements as both a highly successful local technology company and their partnering with other local technology companies, raising the visibility of the region’s wireless technology sector.


Entrepreneur of the Year – Innovative Wireless Technologies

Innovative Wireless Technologies was chosen for their rapid business expansion in the market of wireless product design services and cutting edge technologies.

Educator of the Year – Anthony Cardoza, E.C. Glass High School

Anthony Cardoza was chosen for his work in establishing and managing the region’s only U.S. FIRST robotics team.

Innovator of the Year – Mike Davidson, Campbell County

Mike Davidson was chosen for his work in bringing wireless broadband access to the town of Brookneal.