TechEDGE Nomination Form 2017

The Technology Council is currently seeking nominations for the 2017 TechEDGE Awards. If you know an individual or company that has excelled in technology in 2017 nominate them in the form below. Nominations are due by September 28, 2017.

The following criteria should be used when nominating organizations and/or individuals for TechEDGE Awards:

Innovator of the Year: Innovator of the Year nominees can be an individual or business that has developed an innovative process, product, service or initiative. Candidates will be evaluated on concept, viability, and innovation impact on the local, national, and international scale.
Technology Program of the Year: The Technology Program Award recognizes an educational institution or group of students who have shown outstanding achievement in the areas technology and innovation with our region. This award focuses on creating solutions for pressing technology problems that incorporate social innovation and entrepreneurship. The award may also recognize the creation of new summits and events that celebrate innovation.
Technology Ambassador of the Year: The Technology Ambassador of the Year recognizes innovative technology leaders who have displayed exceptional technology leadership in their community and organization, fostering ideas and creative work environments, envisioning innovative approaches to solving problems. This awardee represents and embodies disruptive innovation and has shown a passion for challenging the status quo.
Entrepreneur of the Year: The Entrepreneur of the Year is an individual award recognizing exceptional development of a technology-centric commercial enterprise. Entrepreneurial nominees will be evaluated on business model, current and/or future growth, and community impact.

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